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Seasider who?


So you are interested in who’s behind this site are you? Here goes…

I’m Clare, 34, married for 7 years to my wonderful husband, mum to my 6 year old little monkey J who is smart, cheeky and the spitting image of his Daddy!

I work full time as IT & Social Media Manager for a Health & Spa Company, and have been with them for 16 years. I consider myself to be a friendly geek – I can translate all the techy stuff and try to make it easier for everyone to understand. If you want to see more of what I do have a look here

We have a major love of golf and get out as often as we can, the rest of the time we are not working we spend cooking, eating, laughing, watching telly and reviewing products.

Things we love!

  • Orange – the colour not the fruit ;-)
  • Golf – the one thing we all do together as a family
  • Little funky gizmos
  • Kitchen gadgets, the more the merrier
  • Harry Potter – the only films we all agree on
  • Yummy food
  • Technology – we each have a tablet plus family xbox
  • Our Springer Spaniel pup… although this means we can’t have nice cushions and throws :-(

Not so keen on…

  • Beauty stuff or indeed anything girlie
  • Flowers
  • Nuts! Hugely allergic but the boys like them
  • Cats – but they do make good pies (so I’ve heard)

I’m originally from Blackpool – and they will forever be my football team of choice – and now live in Norwich, hence I’m a Seasider in the City.

Everything is better in orange (or tangerine – depends how you look at it)!

If you want to get in touch with me use any of the below:


Twitter: SeasiderClare

Facebook: Seasider in the City

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