Introducing the new, cheaper Morrisons #MorrisonsMum

Morrisons always used to be our supermarket of choice, however last year we changed over to Aldi to try and save money. I still miss Morrisons, with its huge range of choice, but we seem to get through so much fruit and veg that I needed to cut back on our shopping bill.

When Morrisons announced that they were slashing thousands of prices across the store I was thrilled. Maybe we could have it all. The choice and the cheaper prices. Morrisons teamed up with Britmums to help spread the word and sent us some vouchers so we could go instore and find out for ourselves.

Our main chunk of shopping budget is taken up with fresh fruit and veg – Sophie would eat fruit all day long if we let her – her favourite being berries of every type and I like to give her a variety as she can be rather fussy over her vegetables – the cost soon adds up. I found a massive difference in the price of fruit, strawberries and raspberries were just 99p each, while a bag of gala apples was also 99p. I got a pineapple in the 3 for £1.50 deal (along with vine cherry tomatoes and baking potatoes). Many other things we use on a regular basis had dropped in price too – cucumber, iceberg lettuce and spring onions are just 49p each and a pack of 3 peppers is 99p! Just lately I have gone mad on spinach, and below is one of my favourite lunches, combining flat mushroom, spinach, tomatoes and a poached egg providing me with a healthy, filling lunch and for one person this costs just 86p!



  • Flat Mushroom (pack of 5 99p)
  • Small handful of spinach (99p pack)
  • Vine ripened cherry tomatoes (3 for £1.50)
  • 1 Free range egg (£1.59 for six)


  1. Grill the mushroom on both sides for a couple of minutes – when turning it over add the cherry tomatoes to the grill.
  2. Wilt the spinach lightly, and poach the egg.
  3. Place the mushroom on a plate, and top with the spinach and egg and serve the cherry tomatoes on the side

Our overall verdict of the new, cheaper Morrisons

I was really impressed with the savings to be made at Morrisons and will be using them for our main shop over the next month or so to see what a difference it makes. Check also their website that hepls cesure your home – security cameras in Philadelphia.

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