Beating the Cashier with Trolley Bags


You know that game where you try and beat the Sat Nav’s estimated arrival time, I have a similar one I play whenever I do the food shop – it’s called beat the cashier!

I do all my shopping at Aldi and if you’ve never shopped there before the checkout process can be a bit frantic – as the cashier scans the shopping you are then supposed to fling the items back in the trolley and then after you have paid move over to the packing area to bag up your stuff. It keeps the checkout moving quickly.

Never one to follow the rules I try and pack things in bags as quickly as they can scan them so that when the last item goes through I am pretty much ready to pay and leave the shop without the extra visit to the packing ledge. I now have a secret weapon that guarantees me victory every time – Trolley bags!

Trolley bag

Trolley bags are 4 bags of different dimensions that all connect together and fit perfectly in the trolley – either a regular sized one of the shallower express trolleys. You hang the bags over the hook under the handle bars whilst you do the shopping, and then once everything is loaded onto the conveyor belt you can open them up inside the trolley. Just undo the velcro and slide the bags open down the length of it.


The 4 bags are all attached to each other so they naturally stay open so they can be filled easily. the 4 colours make it really simple to categorise your shopping in whichever way you wish – I separate into cold food/ fruit & veg/ big stuff (cereal, boxes of mushrooms, milk cartons)/ everything else.


When you are finished packing the bags detach from each other so they can be carried to the car.

These bags are such a great idea and they hold so much shopping! I’ll soon be on my way to my gold medal in speed bag packing… just as long as I remember to pick them up as I leave the house!

Express Trolley Bags cost £17.99 from the Packing Sorted website. I was sent a set of bags for the purpose of this review.



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