My Week – 28th June

I’ve been struggling to find a way to start writing again. I’ve opened this page so many times but never so much as given a post a title. Life has changed and I wasn’t sure it should be (or could be) part of it anymore, but I kept coming back. Then I went to BritMums and just being around people let me know that this was still me.

One thing I’ve missed recently is chatting, about what’s on TV (GoT finale anyone?), something that’s occurred on Facebook or even the random woman who sprinkles seeds along the path by school and so when I saw that Mummy Barrow was starting a new round-up of your week I knew this was the way to get going again. I can’t guarantee I’ll remember to join in every week, I reserve the right to remain as flakey as ever!


Still recovering from my BritMums hangover, so so tired. Didn’t even notice that the dog was chewing up the carpet under the stairs! I treated myself to a well deserved Chinese takeaway, and justified it by getting (more than) enough for lunch the next day! I also started to crochet a blanket for J with the massive ball of red wool the MIL gave me and using my new BritMums skills.


The start of Jacob’s arsenal coloured blanket. Hope to finish before I turn the heating back on!

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After work golf and a chance to have a good catch up & gossip with Carol, we even hit some good shots out there! I got home just in time for J’s traumatic return from swimming – he had left his favourite trilby in the changing rooms! The fact that he has 4 others was irrelevant, that is his best one! Luckily the swimming teacher had picked it up so not lost, but we still had tears as it would be another week until he could wear it again!


We woke up late and then remembered that J hadn’t done his homework to be in that morning! He finally finished it in the car outside school with minutes to spare. The day didn’t really improve with every computer I came into contact with going wrong in some way. After school we assembled the football goal that J got for his birthday and had a kick about in the sunshine. I bottled out of the scout group AGM in favour of a drink with friends at the golf club – it’s all about priorities!


What a gorgeous day! I started it with breakfast in the garden before heading to work. A mid morning call from my mum to say my brother had been rushed to hospital brought plenty of worry – it later turned out his appendix had ruptured – and being on the other side of the world when you can do nothing is just horrible. After school I took J and two of his friends for his late birthday treat to see Jurassic World & then for KFC, they were so excited and I did catch them all holding hands during one scary bit!


After taking three 8 year olds to Jurassic World & KFC I deserve this A photo posted by Clare Anderson (@seasiderinthecity) on


Crazy busy day & I was glad when it was over. J had a nosebleed big enough for school to phone and say they were worried – but not big enough for him to miss after school football club! The one ray of light in my day was a trip to Poundstretcher where I found Toblerones & Chocolate Oranges for £1 each 🙂


This saw me texting my mum to find out what normal people do on Saturdays! I always play golf but the course was closed I did not know what to do for the day. We headed out for a day hunting the Norwich Go Go Dragons, 84 beautiful sculptures around the city, we found 28 of them and plan to make the challenge last all Summer if we can. J loved it, something completely different for a change.

Whilst we were out I got a text to say I’ve been selected for the County II team for a golf match which totally made my day, then we got home to find that Harry Potter was on TV so it all ended perfectly.


Today started with this text – perfect!

And so off we went to Wetherspoons for a full English! Afterwards a little trip around my favourite shop B&M and then to get ready for golf.

I was playing in a scratch league match against one of the rising stars in the county – a much better player than me and also the daughter of a colleague. I anticipated a complete whitewash but actually I did ok. I lost but only on the 17th hole so no disgrace there!

So that was my week, sorry it isn’t more exciting but I’m just happy to have written for the first time since March!


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  1. Not exciting?!!! It sounds brilliant. Well not the trilby bit. That doesn’t sound at all brilliant.

    But the golf all sounds really exciting and you should be proud about being picked for the team.

    THanks for linking up, it’s lovely to have you. I look forward to reading more about your weeks in the months ahead

    1. Thankfully the trilby was returned last night! I am really proud of myself, I’ve worked really hard for this.

    1. The dragons are just beautiful! Thank you, I’ve never worked so hard at something and it’s finally paying off 🙂

  2. This is how blogging all started off all those years ago.It’s easier to find out who a person from their blog I think.I really want to see Jurassic Park as we watched the trilogy a couple of weeks a go with the kids.As I’m on a social media detox for the next month, this is a great way for me to document my days just blogging and catching up with house stuff.
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