#GiveThanksThursday – Chasing Rainbows

When I heard Michelle was starting a linky I was looking forward to having that prompt to get writing again, already though we seem to be on week 3 before I have managed to complete a post! Time just goes by too quickly at the moment.

I’m having quite a hectic time at the moment, things haven’t been that great and life just seems to be leaving me a little drained, so this seems the perfect time to think about the things I should be grateful for, and actually it wasn’t that hard!

A Beautiful Baby Boy!

I have a new baby nephew. My brother and his girlfriend welcomed their son into the world last Friday and he is just gorgeous! He was a tiny bit early but all is well and they are settling in together at home. Sadly I don’t know when I will be able to make the trip to Australia to see them but thanks to the magic of WhatsApp and Facebook we are able to keep in touch. J is happy not to be the youngest in the family anymore and can’t wait to teach him all about Harry Potter!

A Shared Hobby

I love that J likes to cook and bake and that it gives us something to do together. Father Christmas brought us a mixer as a joint present and we finally used it at the weekend. The resulting cake was terrible but the experience was still fun and it lead me to tell him all about some of my previous baking disasters and us to have a good laugh!


Chasing Rainbows

There’s no denying the weather has been pretty rubbish lately but only twice has it stopped the golf! There’s not much that stops us playing thanks to a good set of waterproofs and my determination to play at every available spare moment. However hard it pours down the moment the sun tries to show it’s face I’m on the look out for a rainbow. There is something really satisfying about spotting one!


Come and join in and share your thanks


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