Getting back in the tea-time routine with Birds Eye

As much as the school holidays are a real challenge and a bit of a pain (I work full time & my husband does shifts) we have never eaten as a family so much as we did this Summer. This was mainly due to J staying up late nearly every night and so eating at our usual time of about 7.30 rather than anything else, but this is what has got him more interested in food and cooking and was the basis of us starting his own kids cooking blog.

This has meant that going back to school has been quite a shift for us, not only has he had to get back into going to bed at a decent time for a 7 year old but we have had to remember to start cooking him something a little earlier than we have got accustomed to. Quick and easy is key, he’d happily have pasta every night but in an effort to mix things up a bit we have thrown a few Birds Eye frozen products into the equation!

One of his favourites is the King of Butties – the fish finger sandwich! We have found that the best thing to house the scrummy fish fingers is a Warburtons thin – you can comfortably fit 3 fingers in these, add a little greenery in the form of some spinach leaves and a good squirt of tomato ketchup and you are onto a winner.

Our top tip for cooking fish fingers is to do them in toasted sandwich bags straight from the freezer in the toaster!

Birds Eye Fish Finger Sandwich - #afterschoolchefs

On days when he needs something a little more substantial we have turned to Birds Eye BBQ Chicken Griddlers, potato waffles and peas, with another little squirt of ketchup! Again, did you know that you can cook your potato waffles in the toaster? That is always how we do them, makes them perfect for breakfast too!

Birds Eye Chicken Griddlers #afterschoolchefs

J wasn’t impressed with my efforts for this #afterschoolchefs challenge so has decided to do his own, complete with video – check out his Cheats Chicken Curry!

This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Challenge, sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on the Birds Eye Facebook Page.


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