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Somehow as as a family when we’re ‘popping out’ to The Range, ‘popping out’ seems to always become an extended day out, as we end up visiting all of the surrounding shops too.

It’s the place where we always buy our Christmas decorations and things for the garden and any craft items we might need, but not really somewhere we have visited for items such as curtains or bedding – we tend to miss out that section of the store completely. I also didn’t realise you could order online, but www.therange.co.uk has a huge amount of items to choose from, far more than in store, and has enabled us to considerably brighten up our home.

This is our living room, orange is our colour, however this is the only colour in the room as we have never got around to decorating.


By replacing our dull cream curtains with these spice coloured faux silk ones (available here), we instantly lifted the room. The sunlight still streams in but the window  is now framed with colour. It makes a massive difference. I wish all our rooms had curtain poles then we could have easy fitting curtains like these!


 I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw these beautiful vases in the Home Accessories section here, they perfectly match the settees and the metallic finish makes them just that bit different. At £7.99 each I think they are a bargain and look great on our bookcase (keeping the fish company).

Before Christmas we decided to pay a bit of attention to our bedroom, new bedding, curtains, a mattress topper and recently new furniture. We bought matching curtains, bedding and lighting and these look great, however not so much next to our brown walls – seemed a good idea 5 years ago!


We spotted this citrus wallpaper and hoped that it would match, when it arrived we couldn’t believe how well it matched, almost the exact same blues and greens. I was so happy. I will be even happier when it eventually gets hung on the wall but I fear this will be a long time coming as neither of us have hung wallpaper before. Might need a call to Daddy 😉


Finally we sorted something that we should have done years ago, blackout curtains! My husband does shift work and when it’s his week of nights goes to bed with an eye mask on just to try and keep out the sunlight. Now I have fitted these blackout liners to the inside of our new curtains and the problem is completely solved. It’s a great idea and means you can have whatever curtains you want but still get the blackout benefit. In my head blackout curtains were going to be black but clearly not! I did have to unhook the curtains but the whole process to put them up only took about 20mins so well worth it.


We have since been and bought another pair for J’s room as we are so pleased with them and he was starting to wake earlier each day!

No longer will I miss out the home section at The Range, I am sold on the quality and beautiful items they have to offer. The prices are great and the website makes it even easier to find what you are looking for.

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