Special K Granola making breakfast interesting

 My husband loves granola, we always have a packet of it open somewhere but I find it quite plain and boring so steer clear. Currently I am following Slimming World and things like this are quite high in syns so I would normally avoid anyway but last week this new Special K Granola with raisins and apples and also with cranberries and almonds appeared on the healthy extra b list meaning I can have 30g everyday.

Seeing this I dashed to the cupboard hoping that hubby hadn’t scoffed it all already and luckily he had only started on the almond one so I grabbed the scissors and went for the apple & raisin.  I added my carefully weighed out 30g to a bowl of chopped up mango and kiwi topped with a fat free lemon yogurt and it was delicious.

Sometimes you just want a bit of a crunch and this gave me just that and it was lovely and sweet with the raisins. With 30% less fat than normal granola I know we will be buying this more often, and now that Slimming World have recognised it I won’t have to go without either. Result.

 I was sent 2 packets of granola for the purpose of this post.

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