Family sports fun with Zico Coconut Water

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Saturdays are mental. You'd think after a busy week at work and school that we'd get to chill out on a Saturday morning, perhaps even have lay-in, not here, I heard the boy sneaking downstairs for breakfast at 6.45 and from then on it was go go go! Saturday is all about family sports for us, normally all the same sport but recently Daddy has formed an obsession for cycling so he deserted us. Leaving it to me and J to hotfoot it round to our local Tesco for some Zico Coconut water and snacks for our golfing day ahead.

It did seem that this particular Tesco expected only those of a giraffe stature to be purchasing coconut water, as they had stashed the supply on the very top shelf – the one with the sign telling you to seek staff assistance. As I'm only 5'2 I didn't have much option but to do just that! Located next to the Red Bull and Monster I envisaged not being able to sleep for a week, but all was good in the end.

We arrived at the golf club shortly before 9am ready for his junior coaching, there were 12 of them this week, J being the youngest at 6 and the oldest is our 17 year old star in the making. The went off for an hour and a half of coaching with the pro whilst I finally got to sit and enjoy a cup of tea and a bit of knitting (I know, me!)

Being just 6 and very small means that you get certain benefits, these include the older boys carrying your clubs down to practise. Sadly for me this also means that he has come to expect such treatment and so when we go out on the course he doesn't have the strength to carry his own clubs, and so I end up carry not only all the snacks and drinks but also 2 sets of golf clubs! Where is Daddy when you need him?

I only started learning to play golf shortly before I became pregnant with J, and then obviously once I'd had him fitting in a round became a struggle, especially as we both wanted to play. Swapping a child between cars in the golf club car park on a weekend became a very regular sight for us as we tried to fit in everything that we wanted to do. In the past 8 months or so we have reached the point where J can come out on the course with us, be safe and properly have a go. His goal in this school year is to achieve his first handicap so at the moment he wants to come out with us all the time.

You don't see many huskies on the golf course, but this one is well known on ours, and is developing himself quite a nice swing! It might seem really odd and probably makes me sound like a terrible mother, but, I don't really spend a huge amount of time just me and J doing stuff together – sadly that is our life, I work full time, he is at school, evenings are full of homework, work and swimming lessons. 4 hours together on the golf course is a real opportunity for us to just be together doing something that we both enjoy.

My usual Saturday round is with my good friend Carol, who J adores. He will happily help push her trolley and talk about everything under the sun as they walk along together. If it's a day when he hasn't joined us he will often enquire as to how many balls she hit into the water!

After the round it's always back to the spikes bar for a warm drink and a snack – smartie cookies are always a winner – and then the analysis of every hole (which goes on well into the evening once we are home) and the adding up of scores. As he is currently trying to get a handicap his scores are coming down each time, this Saturday was his best ever – 63 for 9 holes – so we had lots of smiles and everyone got to hear about it. Incidentally I had one of my best rounds too…

The sun was shining, it was warm, the refreshments were suprisingly delicious and we all went home happy.

Roll on next Saturday!


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