May contain traces of nuts…

What to do? The packaging states “May contains traces of nuts” or “cannot guarantee nut free”, you know the likelihood of the item actually containing nuts is very low, but what if? How much of a risk are you willing to take? Have you got your epipen?

This morning I woke to the news that Addenbrooks hospital may have the solution, a possible cure for peanut allergy sufferers. A trial that has seen children with the allergy given a small, gradually increasing amount of peanut protein over 6 months has left an enormous 84% of them now able to eat 5 peanuts a day. That's amazing.

Luckily J's allergy tests came back negative as it has always been a worry that he may have inherited this from me, but for me this daily game of Russian roulette continues. But perhaps not for too much longer.

What great news to wake up to!


  1. I heard this earlier too. But would you trust it? If your allergy was so severe it was life threatening would you dare take part in that trial or believe them when they say “it is peanut protein, it is fine”

    I so hope this does work and help sufferers though

  2. We were quite excited to hear this news too on the radio this morning – as Mr C has a deadly peanut allergy. Quite what this means for adults with an allergy I’m not yet sure. Please don’t get me started though about allergy labelling on food packaging. Peanuts are not a nut (they’re a legume) and people can be allergic to peanuts, but still be able to eat nuts. The fact that so many companies lump them together (which I believe breaks EU food labelling legislation) means that peanut allergy sufferers can actually be at risk without realising it. Drives me mad!
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