Debenhams Secret Santa

One of my favourite things to do is choose presents for people, I love the excitement of picking something they will hopefully love and then the nervousness of waiting to see their reaction. When Debenhams invited me to choose some presents for a fellow blogger I couldn't resist the opportunity.

I was given a budget, sent the name of a blogger to research and sent off to the Debenhams gift section of the website to spend spend spend!

Now part of the deal is that we have to guess who bought for us so I won't spoil that here, but will just say that I loved choosing and picked things that I liked myself and hoped that they loved them too.

With the sending bit done came the other side, receiving from my Secret Santa – this huge pile arrived in my office last week!

I'm afraid I couldn't wait until Christmas and thankfully had the excused of needing to write this post and so ripped into them! What a treat!

Wonderful lovely items for the kitchen! Wooden steak boards like you get in posh restaurants (with the little grooves to catch all the juice!) and 2 steak knives, beautiful grater with a wooden base to catch the cheese and some pesto, measuring spoons (my Santa has obviously seen all the baking disasters I have), 3 pots of seasonings – Mediterranean, fiery and garlic spice mixes and super fancy salt & pepper grinders, the sort we have always wanted!

I was totally over the moon with these amazing gifts and can't wait to start using them – although we have a strict rule that means we have to wait until after Christmas. We have a big kitchen makeover planned in the new year and all these items will fit perfectly. Thank you so much 🙂

It was quite a challenge finding the perfect presents and we really were spoilt for choice on the Debenhams website! but it was such huge fun and seeing all the photos of everyone's gifts has been fab (as well as giving me some ideas for others).

My guess? Really no idea but I'll go for Mummylish, and now I'm off to put someone out of their misery!

So now, will the Real Secret Santa please stand up?

I was invited to join in this Secret Santa and write about it. I received goods from the Debenhams site in return. All opinions are my own


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