The Weasel, Puffin, Unicorn, Baboon, Pig, Lobster Race!

After what seems like 3 solid years of Biff, Chip & Kipper books anything even a little bit different is a blessing. This book is much more than a little bit different!

In a parallel universe where weasels smoke pipes and puffins wear y-fronts all the animals decide to have a race. The course the race takes is pretty bizarre to say the least, through bathtubs, gardens, the jungle and some blancmange style mountains. It turns out that this particular bunch of animals are a pack of cheats and find some pretty ingenious ways of getting the upper hand – the custard trampoline has to be one of our favourites!

The author James Thorp clearly has a wonderful imagination and can seemingly rhyme anything. The sentences flow really well and had J giggling as he tried to get them to make sense. Beautiful illustrations make each page like a Where’s Wally scene as you try to take in everything on them, the detail is fantastic.

The race in the end is won by the unicorn, who played fair and square, and this result is taken sportingly by the other animals. J loved the ending although he was slightly bemused as to how the snitchy snail had managed to keep up with the whole race and why the only animal that isn’t real was the one to win.

This makes such a change from the usual stuff we get from the library, a real breath of fresh air. The recipe at the back is a great touch and we can’t wait to see what comes next. It’s also the first signed book we have ever owned so is definitely one to treasure šŸ™‚

We were provided a copy of this book for the purpose of this post.



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