Review: Lucky Voice Karaoke

I love a bit of karaoke but never thought of being able to do it online, I didn't know such a thing existed. Be warned, anyone who doesn't give me ideas for Christmas will be getting themselves a Lucky Voice subscription this year!

We have been noticing J singing loads lately, he seems to pick up the words to songs on the radio really quickly and is constantly belting out Olly Muirs and One Direction at top volume, so online karaoke seemed ideal. Had it been 6 months ago he would have struggled but at 6 1/2 his reading has come along so well that he has just moved onto chapter books at school, he is reading quicker and so was able to follow the words on the screen fairly comfortably. For peace of mind you can turn off any 'adult' language.

It's ridiculously easy to set up and you can be set up and ready to sing within a couple of minutes, for unlimited singing it's only £4.99 per month and if you aren't sure you can take a 14 day free trial to give it a go first. I try not to have the laptop on too much at home as the temptation to work is too great so I was really impressed that there is also an app that gives you full access to all the same songs.

The song library is huge! Seriously big and being updated all the time, which leaves you with the dilemma of what on earth to pick. It's amazing how your mind goes blank when you are trying to think of a song you like. Luckily there are a bunch of pre selected playlists to help you out, hits from the 90's was great for me and we have had a great time with the Christmas playlist.

Having the iPad app means that we can have entertainment everywhere and so we will definitely be taking it with us on Christmas Day so the whole family can join in. If you want to take it even more seriously then you can also get a party pack that contains a microphone and mixer plus the cables to connect the set to your pc and speakers (or tv), giving you your very own karaoke machine!

As much as I enjoy a trip to our local karaoke booths, Lucky Voice has made this far more accessible to all. Look at how much J enjoyed it…

This was a review post, I have been provided with a subscription and kit for the purpose of this post.


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