Dreaming of a #NintendoChristmas

Last weekend we treated ourselves to an afternoon in London, all 3 of us. This is a very rare occurence as any trips have to be juggled around shifts, golf and of course the dog, that is why we only went for the afternoon, once Daddy had finished his early shift!

J is currently learning about the Great Fire of London and spouts facts off to anyone who will listen so on our way to Oxford Street we took a detour to see Monument and the Pudding Lane signs – he was over the moon! We decided that actually climbing up the 300 odd steps with a 6 year old might come back to bite us and we settled for taking photos!


Next we headed to the Nintendo Christmas event as a bit of a suprise for J (and fun for us!), as we headed up the stairs her whispered…Mummy, it said Nintendo on that man’s t-shirt! We opened the door to see Mario standing there in front of us which was a bit of a shock, but J had first spotted the Lego City game being played in the next room and was oblivious to the 6 foot character in front of him!

We had an awesome afternoon and got to have a go on the 3Ds XL and the all new 2DS with J showing the team how to play Mario Kart and sharing his character knowledge with them (sorry about that!). We then had a look at the new Wii U console and games which I had heard about but never played.

We tried out Super Mario 3D World which was so much fun, especially riding on a dinosaur’s back in one level! The game pad looks great and I love the fact that it means you can still use the tv so less arguments all round, you can also use your old Wii games on it too which is a massive bonus.

The next room was a bit sporty and J decided to take on Daddy at a game of Wii Bowling, they were hilarious and Daddy totally showed off by knocking every pin down, only 2 of his goes were not strikes! After a little sulk J decided to swap controllers in case that helped and took on the challenge of playing against Mario himself, priceless. He won!

It was an odd feeling watching the boys play as we got our Wii when they first came out, when I was pregnant with J! At the time we only really played the bowling as I didn’t want to throw myself around too much!

Nintendo Christmas

The final room we visited had Lego City: Undercover being played on the Wii U so I lost J to that and then struggled to get him to leave. Having played some of the other Lego games on his DS he knew how to build and navigate so he picked it up really quickly. Whilst he played I found my game – Animal Crossing: New Leaf and had a sneaky go at it on a 3DS XL, the original was always my favourite game when I got my DS Lite many many years ago and we still have the game now, it was fun to have a go at the updated version.

When we finally dragged him away we spent the 2 hour train ride home discussing the amendments he wants to make to his Christmas List and what he will now save pocket money for (new DS and the Lego City game), whilst trying to recreate the shadow show that was in his goody bag

photo 3

If you fancy having a go at this yourself check out this graphic!

Super Mario Hand Show

In his bag was also a cuddly Mario which J was over the moon about and who had his own little adventure when he got left behind on the train! Thankfully after me getting back to the station and trying the carriage door only for the train to pull away, we discovered that a very lovely memebr of Greater Anglia staff had picked it up for us and it was waiting in the office!

Happy ending 🙂 Thank you Nintendo for a lovely afternoon!

photo 4


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