Bosinver Farm Cottages – The Verdict

A couple of weeks have passed since we made the long journey home from our Cornwall holiday cottage at Bosinver. We’ve had time to reflect on our break, and so now here’s our full lowdown on it all, things you need to know and a few tips.

Arriving at Bosinver

Chances are you’ll have travelled a long way and likely to be on autopilot when you get close, but make sure you get everyone looking out the windows at the stunning views around. Certainly coming from Norfolk we now appreciate what actual countryside looks like! If you are using sat nav and put the postcode in then keep your eyes open, when we first saw a sign for Bosinver we were actually there despite the satnav telling us we had a way to go!

Bosinver sign


I’m not saying everyone would have this experience and I don’t want to put you off…but we were met by someone wielding a carving knife! Poor Helen was mortified, having just been handed it and tried to hide it, but a big pink knife is difficult to conceal. It was certainly an ice breaker! Helen walked us down to our cottage, Valley View

Valley View

Valley View is situated right next door to the games room (table tennis, pool, table football etc.) and is guarded by two lovely Shire horses who give you a little nod as you pass. Up some stairs to the cottage and you have a really good sized porch, perfect for wellies and coats but also big enough for the dog crate. The first thing you see on entering is the gorgeous kitchen, I was instantly in love!

The lounge has a 2 seater settee and 2 armchairs, a cosy fireplace, large tv and a coffee table. The other end of the cottage holds the dining area, set out with plates, tea cups, tea pot and flowers.

The main bedroom is a good size and has an en suite shower room – Daddy was in heaven! The other bedroom has 2 single beds and a family sized bathroom attached, complete with step for little legs!

Valley View Bosinver Cornwall

The cottage is snug and warm and spacious and it’s just like home (in fact it’s nicer than home!), the thing that really makes it perfect is the detail and the fact that they have thought of everything. On arrival in the fridge was a delicious cream sponge and a jug of milk, which complimented the small selection of tea, coffee and sugar sachets that are enough to get you started and mean you don’t have to head to the shops straight away. On the table are full salt and pepper shakers, and in the kitchen you have washing up liquid, a cloth and best of all…a tea towel! We also had enough toilet roll to last us our stay, a toy box with toys covering a broad range of ages and an absolutely massive stack of booklets and information on things to do in the area. It’s these little things that meant our stay far exceeded our expectations.

The Farm

Despite loving golf we are not an outdoorsey family. Staying at Bosinver certainly changed that, even in the most dreadful weather we got outside and explored, with so much space and things to do it is difficult not to. Seeing and then feeding the animals on the farm was an absolute highlight for J, even now he mourns the fact that he can’t see Chalky the goat everyday. He also learnt so much, from the things we take for granted like eggs to the wonder that Farmer Dave has to work everyday. Collecting his daily duck egg was a delight and since returning home we have never eaten so many eggs – but always with the side comment “these aren’t as good as the ones on holiday”.

Taking part in the weekly Wild Kids session gave us another chance to do something completely different and we all relished this opportunity, I also loved seeing the development from J being terrified on his pony ride to wanting another go by the time we got back to the stable.

Around the farm is so much to do: nature walk, gruffalo trail, zip wire, playground, trampoline, welly hunt, games room and more. There is also a laundry room that contains a selection of books and dvds to borrow, and in the main reception a huge stash of games for rainy days. Outside reception is a whiteboard crammed full of suggestions of things to do, and places other people have discovered, a lovely way to share your finds with others.

things to do on the farm

The Swimming Pool at Bosinver

What a treat! I am particularly critical when it comes to swimming pools, having worked in the industry for the last 18 years it’s understandable really, but I have to say I couldn’t find a single fault with this setup. Once again everything has been thought of, from the bumbo seats in each of the cubicles, whose walls incidentally are made from recycled bottles, to the huge stack of woggles and floats and other fun things available, the boxes on shelves to put all your things in that is so neat and tidy, the fact that the handle to get out of the pool area is too high for little ones to reach and escape, the spotlessly clean poolside and most of all…it is so warm! The pool is warm, but more than that the changing area is warm, there is no battle to get dry whilst shivering which is the biggest thing that puts me off going to a pool. We used the pool every day and J’s water confidence increased no end.

The one thing to consider is that there is no shallow end, not a problem for us, in fact that helped J’s swimming during the week, but for those with smaller children it would mean that they cannot stand anywhere in the pool so make sure you bring your armbands as necessary.

Bosinver swimming pool

Things to Know

It’s a good idea to bring a stash of £1 coins, you will need them for the laundry if you use it but also for your electricity in the cottage, we tended to use just under £2 each day but that is mainly because the bad weather meant we needed light on a lot more than in the summer and we probably spent more time inside than we would have done in warmer months. You will need your wellies! But if like us you completely forget there is a shed full of them that you can borrow – if you have particularly big feet like Daddy you might not be so lucky – he found the one pair of size 11’s! There is WiFi and it is free, however don’t rely on this, it went off quite a lot and could be quite slow at times, I think they were having some difficulties the week we were there so hopefully on another week this would be fine. there is also no 3G signal there at all. Don’t panic though, take the opportunity to switch off from everything and totally relax!

What we thought about Bosinver

We loved it! Hands down the best family holiday we have been on. Obviously ours was a review trip and so there is always the chance that not paying for something could make your views different to those of paying guests. We loved it so much we are planning to return as paying customers in the peak of the school holidays next year, just so we can experience all the things we didn’t get to because of the weather, or having the dog with us or just because we ran out of time!

Before we visited I would have never considered paying the £615 that it would have cost for that week in Valley View for a cottage holiday in Britain, in my mind it wasn’t worth the money. Boy has my opinion changed! The experience we have had staying at Bosinver is priceless, we have some wonderful memories that we can build on next year. In each cottage is a guest book which I read every page of, the number of people who had been 2, 3 even 10 years running was unbelievable, and I can really see why.

Beautiful place, fantastic team of people, amazing memories. Thank you x

we love bosinver


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