Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toys

After our Ninja Turtle day out at London Zoo earlier in the year J has been on the look out for toys from the range every time we enter a shop. We eventually found him the Mikey set of eye mask and nun chucks and he has quite a collection of figures that make a noise and fling pizza at you. A few weeks back we received a couple of new figures to try out, a Donatello Flinger and Ooze Chuckin’ Mikey!

We had played with some of the Flingers before so knew how they worked, this didn’t stop me assembling Donatello incorrectly though! His backpack has to be clicked in in exactly the correct place or else the carriage doesn’t move across correctly. Once we had figured this out Donatello was flinging his purple staffs all over the place!

It comes with 4 weapons and the throwing action is really clever, luckily they don’t fling too far so you aren’t likely to lose them as easily as the little pizza discs that Mikey and Leonardo chuck out! They are easy enough to use and J has no problem playing with this independently, I would help children find a suitable surface to play on though. It needs to be firm enough for the wheels to turn on the feet so that the weapons fire, if not it can be quite frustrating for them. We ended up mainly playing on the kitchen floor as the carpet was just too soft.

J thinks this is great, it’s neither noisy nor messy so I quite like it too!

I must admit that when I saw that Mikey came with ooze my heart sank a little, that’s all I need clogging up the carpet! We had a little discussion and decided that it was best to play with this toy either in the kitchen where there is a hard floor or in the bath. In the end it didn’t matter as the ooze was just too oozey! You tip it into the cannister on the turtle’s back and then use a plunger to push a little out ready to fling.

J tried to push some out onto the scoop but it just wouldn’t separate and stayed attached to the cannister. Even when I tried you had to use your fingers to pull a bit off and then drop it into the scoop to then fling it. We decided not to bother!

The redeeming feature of this particular toy however is that it also comes with pretend ooze! 3 little orange blobs that you can fling to your hearts content without anything getting sticky. This is a very good idea and actually J was more than happy just doing this.

We are still a little obsessed with Turtles and still more than a little desperate for a ‘Shell Raiser’ vehicle. We will have to see what Father Christmas can arrange!

We were sent Turtle toys for the purpose of this post


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