I need a Batman Car Seat!


I am an actual superhero, I deserve to be treated like one. Is this anyway for Batman to travel, strapped into a basic car seat with no flair, or colour or worse of all no cup holders!

Boring seat

I’m not impressed!

I’m trying to persuade them with the money to get me an awesome Batman Car Seat from Kids Embrace so I can ride in style and make all the kids at school jealous! It’s a high back booster seat so it’s ok for little kids to use (group 1-3) as well as older ones like me as I could take off the baby harness and just use the big boy car seat and then remove the back and just have it as a booster seat until I’m 12.

The best bits about this seat though are that it comes with a cape that I can actually wear and 2 cupholders! I just can’t believe this has been out since May and I still don’t have one!

Batman car seat

If you too need to badger your mums and dads to get you one then drag them into Toys R Us or if that doesn’t work suggest a trip to Halfords – all dads like going there – and point them out, have a sit in one and generally cause a fuss until the purchase is made.

Good luck!

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