How I became a domestic goddess!

I won’t lie, we have always had an iron and an ironing board. Occasionally my husband would use it if he had a new shirt and was going out but other than that the only thing the iron ever got used on was Hama Beads!

dirty pile - clean pile
Dirty pile of clothes – clean pile of clothes!

Our washing went from the laundry basket, via the washing machine and tumble dryer, to a pile on the floor (sometimes it got put away) from where we would all grab what we wanted to wear. Then a Tefal Smart Technology Steam Generator arrived in our house and the world became a much smoother place!

I didn’t iron because I’m lazy (well I am a little) I just didn’t really know how, I always seemed to end up with more creases than when I started and I was always completely unsure about what setting to choose – how do I know what fabric something is made from?

All solved with our Express Easy Control Steam Generator. I just fill it with water, switch it on and wait for the ready light – no settings to change! One is good for everything, isn’t that the way things should be? Anyway, what makes this different from the iron gathering dust in the cupboard? The steam! There is a trigger button on the handle which you hold down as you iron, this delivers 5.2 bar pressure (that’s a lot) of steam directly into the clothes which makes ironing so simple. Combine the steam with the ultraglide soleplate and you no longer need to open all the clothes out to iron or put the ironing board end through a t-shirt – you just place the shirt over the board and the steam makes sure that both pieces of fabric are done. The same for trousers and even jeans! I fold the trousers together (so you see just one leg) lay this on the board and iron all over – done!

J went to school in ironed uniform for the first time ever – he’s been there 2 years! My husband no longer feels nervous if I volunteer to do his shirts for him and I wear linen trousers that don’t look like they have been stuffed in a bag since last summer.

Other features of the Steam generator include electric cord storage, steam cord storage tube, a unique anti-calc collector and my favourite part – the locking mechanism which means you can transport it safely and put away without having to wait for it to cool down or worry that you’ll set the worktop on fire!

There are other new Steam Generator Models for the more capable ironers among you, these have more power and retractable leads, but I’m happy with my Easy Control!

Tefal Innovation Panel

I’m a member of the Tefal Innovation Panel and received the Steam Generator for the purpose of this post.

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