A little bit of home!

This is me, aged about 5, standing with Madge who lived over the road from our house near Blackpool. It's a Saturday. I know this for a fact. Every Saturday after ballet lessons I would go over to number 44, have some lunch, help Madge make some buns for her husbands lunches the following week, do some shopping, watch Jim'll Fix It before going home. Every Saturday.

The shopping was a trip to our favourite store, B & M Bargains in Cleveleys. An absolute treasure trove and always an adventure. A shop where you could buy anything. I loved our Saturday afternoons.

It wasn't until a few years ago that I learned that the store in Cleveleys wasn't a one-off, there are other branches, dotted around the North of England. What a revelation! It became somewhere to look out for when we visited other towns.

Last Saturday I had the most exciting dog walk ever, I saw this as I passed the old Comet store in Norwich

We are actually getting a B&M!!! In walking distance from my house!!! This is huge.

It's like a little taste of home that has been missing from my life for 27 years. Thank you 🙂


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