Tefal Actifry – Chorizo & Prawn Risotto

I think I may be addicted to a kitchen appliance, my (it’s mine, not ours!) Tefal Actifry, I have realised I also talk about it too much at work, to the point of when talking about a cake I’d made my desk buddy asked if I cooked it in the Actifry!

The biggest reveleation for me is that you can cook other things than just fry chips! We have had curry, bolognese and risotto cooked in it, the risotto recipe is what I’m going to share with you now.

Chorizo & Prawn Risotto (serves 2 greedy people)

200g risotto rice
1 red onion
1 small pack bacon lardons (or a few rashers chopped up)
small chorizo (about 2 inch section)
handful frozen peas
pack of king prawns
1 litre stock (I use half stock & half wine)

Add the onion and bacon to the actifry and cook for 3 mins, add the chorizo for 2 mins then add the rice. I didn’t use any oil as enough tends to come off the bacon and chorizo. When all the rice is coated in the oil and has started to change colour (about 3 mins) add 1/3 of the stock/wine. Keep any eye on the mixture and when all the liquid gets soaked up add another 1/3, leave for about 10 mins and then add the remaining liquid. You might need to give everything a stir to make sure you aren’t getting rice stuck under the paddle.

Finally add the prawns and peas and leave for another 5 minutes, or until the rice is cooked. If at anytime the mixture looks dry add some more stock…or wine!

Serve with some crusty bread and a little grated parmesan. Don’t leave the actifry pan too long before washing or the paddle ends up a little stained – like ours!

Actifry Chorizo Risotto

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  1. Lovely recipe. Took about an hour to make since it needed a stir every ten minutes. I also needed an extra 200mls of liquid but once it was on the plates everyone liked it. I also added a handful of petering to the risotto before serving. I’m of siciliana descent so we have no qualms mixing cheese and seafood.

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