A New Style with VO5 #cbias


Me and my hair have got issues! It is thick, long, wavey and unmanageable! If I ever complain about it someone will always say they wish they had thick hair – my reply is usually an offer to lop a bit off and give it to them! Here it is

My wavey horrible hair

It is always tied back in a ponytail, there is not much else I can do with it. To wear it down I have to straighten it, which takes forever and lasts a couple of hours at best and I do not have time to do that every day. My morning hair routine is to brush it then lay with my head off the end of the bed so I can pull it back smoothly-ish into a ponytail. Job done!

I must admit this is a bit boring and with BritMums Live looming at the end of this week I wouldn’t mind trying something new with it, the only problem is that any style really needs to start with it being straight or else all the straggly short bits stick out everywhere! Also I don’t have any skills in the hair department so it needs to be easy.

Whilst looking for ideas I took a look at the VO5 Facebook Page and saw this new straightening lotion that claims to last for 3 washes! Even if it just lasted overnight then this would be a major help as I always wash my hair at night and if I straighten it it is always curly by the morning!

vo5 smoothly does it

If this worked then maybe I could have some nice updo and actually turn up somewhere looking half presentable, I could do something with my hair in the morning! I decided that I would look out for these products when I visited boots for my #cbias VO5 shop – you can see how I got on in my Google+ album here

I had decided to try and recreate this


First off I washed and conditioned my hair with VO5 Smoothly Does It products and then read the instructions for the straigthening lotion – first problem…you need to blow dry your hair but I don’t have a hairdryer! Instead I smoothed on the lotion and used my trusty wet to straight straighteners. The instructions said to go over each section 6 times – far more than I normally would but this made a huge difference. Look at the result

Amazingly straight hair!

How would it look though after a night of my fidgeting in bed getting all hot? I honestly didn’t have high hopes. This is how it looked before I even ran a brush through it this morning

Morning after hair

Still remarkably straight! I looked up the board on pinterest again and set to work on my new style.

I underestimated how difficult it would be to twist such long hair behind my back and how little help the 6 year old would be! Luckily I chose quite an easy style that didn’t need too many hands to hold everything. With a few pins to hold it and a spray of VO5 Ultimate Hold spray to try and keep those wispy bits in place I think I succeeded. What do you think?

My new Do!

I’m yet to find out if the lotion really does last as long as it claims but so far so good!


  1. Ooh, I love this style. Will try iy as a change from my usual updo. The straightening lotion looks really good! I look forward to meeting you on Friday at Brit Mums Live! 🙂 x

  2. Oh wow, it looks really good!! I am one of those people I’m afraid who would be lusting after your hair. My family tease me relentlessly for my pathetically thin hair. I am definitely going to be one of those women that has to have a short perm to cover up the bald bits…

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