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Posted on May 17, 2013 | 5 comments

Reasons to be Cheerful – Happy Birthday to me! #R2BC

There don’t seem to be many people of my age that really enjoy birthdays, they play them down and get a bit grumpy about getting older. Sure the number of presents and cards have decreased significantly over the years but it’s still a reason to celebrate. It’s a reason to have cake!

The last few years have been made extra special now J understands what is going on, he really wants everyone to be excited for you and to make sure that you enjoy every minute of your birthday. So many cuddles from him and Happy Birthdays!

And homemade cards :-)

Homemade birthday cards

Easily the best handwriting and colouring I have seen from him!

Daddy seems to be getting better at presents lately too, a beautiful Pandora bracelet with a giraffe charm to represent himself and Mummy and baby monkey for me and the boy.


I am a lucky girl!

I’m linking up with Michelle (who sent me a lovely birthday card) and her Reasons to be Cheerful linky. If you are having trouble finding her she has moved onto a funky new domain name and now lives at



  1. Happy Birthday! Lovely pressies. May you have many more years of joy, good healthy and happiness :0)

  2. Hope you had a great birthday! I too enjoy my birthdays simply for the excuse to eat cake :-)

    Your bracelet is gorgeous too!

  3. I read this on the phone the other day and was super impressed with V, how cool are the charms on the bracelet, I do love that he is a giraffe!

    Mich x

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