BritMums Live – Get Your Wings On!

It's only 35 more days until BritMums Live kicks off, just 5 more weeks! Whilst there is plenty of excitement in the air I have already started to see some nerves come to the surface in the tweets and Facebook posts of those with tickets.

Who's going, where to meet, what sessions to attend, where to stay (if you haven't sorted this yet get your skates on!) and most importantly of all…what to wear! For many though it's the thought of their first blogging event or the worry of not knowing anyone that is foremost in their minds.

Fear not…the Butterflies are back!

Britmums Butterflies

Myself and a kaleidoscope of 6 other butterflies will be on hand to greet you, introduce you to other bloggers, point you in the direction of cakes and generally calm your nerves over the 2 days.

To help you find other likeminded bloggers just search using the tag #BritMumsButterfly and see who else is in the same boat, then tweet each other, maybe leave a blog comment and then try and meet up on the big day.

We know that the Butterflies are not for everyone, and you might be perfectly happy doing your own thing, but if you come across someone who could use our help please do point them in our direction!

My fellow butterflies will be introducing themselves in the coming weeks and look out for a special video message very soon. The BritMums Butterflies 2013 are:

Gemma – Helloitsgemma

Penny – The Alexander Residence

Michelle – The American Residence

Michelle – Mummy from the Heart

Anya – Older Single Mum

Sophie – Super Amazing Mum

Look forward to seeing you at BritMums Live!



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