Flat Stanley – behind the Silent Sunday post

I thought I'd explain my Silent Sunday picture in a little more detail as it had some of you intrigued!

During book week J's year one class read Flat Stanley, the story of a boy who gets flattened like a pancake and then has many adventures. As a special project off the back of this each child in the class “flattened” themselves so that they could be posted and then picked somewhere to go.

Instantly J knew where he wanted to be sent, my brother had only recently left for Australia and so Flat J was soon heading that way too courtesy of AirMail.

The plan is for the recipient to take photos of their flat child and then send him back to school with a letter about his adventures. The letter has taken quite a while to get there and so we have only just started to see photos of Flat J in Oz. This is one of the first.

J is very excited to see where he ends up!


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