Review – Morphy Richards 9 in 1 Steam Cleaner

My house is quite grubby, it’s not quite a hovel yet but cleaning is just one of those things I don’t make time for. I vacuum and keep the surfaces clean but I could really do with a visit from Kim & Aggie to get our home in a reasonable state!

The offer of a new Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner seemed like a good start, it’s 9 different features should mean I could make a little dent in some of the more difficult areas.

Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner

When it arrived I managed to put it together in just a few minutes – it took longer to take the packaging off. Keen to have a go I filled the water chamber, tuned it on and waited just 30 seconds for it to heat up and away we went. I tackled the kitchen floor first using the cleaner in the upright mode – I think perhaps our lino isn’t fixed down properly as I found that the cleaner didn’t glide across the surface as well as I had hoped. It did pick up a lot of dirt but any stains that vanished upon using the cleaner came back once the floor had dried. I may have been hoping for a little too much!Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner


The cleaner did excel itself in the kitchen though when tackling my hob and oven. Being able to concentrate the steam in the areas I needed and then just wipe away made a big difference and was a change to me scrubbing at the surface.

Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner

Onto the bathroom and it left my sink looking amazing! It also managed to clean off a lot of the scale and scum from around the soap dish. Again though when I used it on the floor the toothpaste marks disappeared when wet soon came back once the floor was dry.

Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner.jpg

In all the steam cleaner is easy to use and has loads of handy attachments. For me using the handheld cleaner and directing the steam worked much better than using it on the floors, this could have just been due to the flooring though…or the ingrained dirt!

We were sent the Steam Cleaner for the purpose of this review

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