Reasons to be Cheerful: The Takeover – Week 7

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Wahay, it's Easter! I am now officially on holiday (we'll ignore the 6am text from work this morning though) and looking forward to 5 family days.

I might be mad but today I am entertaining one of J's school friends too, they are already upstairs destroying playing in the bedroom. It's bound to be chaos and I'm sure I'll have a headache by the end of the day but hopefully they will both enjoy themselves and sleep well tonight!

Last weekend I played in a very chilly golf match against a pair from Gorleston (on the coast), it snowed from start to finish and at times you couldn't see the ball as it was so white everywhere! My partner was our Lady Captain and together we battled through and won our match. It took me until about tea time to finally warm up again. Sadly the amount of snow we had closed the course the following day and so the first big event of the year had to be postponed, but that should mean we get better weather next time round!

I know it was one of my reasons last week but the clocks are changing this weekend! Bring on golf after work and walking the dog in daylight once again.

J is getting very excited about Easter, we have a very special bunny here that delivers LEGO to very good little boys. I am really happy though that he seems to understand – as much as a 5 year old that hasn't had a religious upbringing can- the story behind Easter and why we celebrate. We have had a number of amusing conversations when he has been a bit muddled but we got there in the end!

That's been my week, what do you have to share?

Wishing you all a peaceful Easter weekend x

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