Reasons to be Cheerful: The Takeover – Week 6

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
My that week just flew! I can’t believe I’m sitting here again trying to sum up my week. It hasn’t been a bad one so I’m grateful for that at least. Here are my happy things this week:

It’s spring at last! Officially at least, I wonder when someone will let the weather know? This is a big deal for me as it means soon the clocks will change which means only one thing…after work golf! I can’t wait!

Last weekend J had a rare sleepover at my parents whilst we went for an evening out. It was just to the golf club but for a really enjoyable ghost night. Delicious food and some really interesting stories from the chap that runs the Norwich Ghost Walks. Did you know that half the population of Norwich died within 6 weeks during the plague? We finally got to hear the story behind all my childhood rumours of a green lady in the tower on the golf course. I may have drunk a little too much but it was a great night!

Finally, I have been super impressed with J’s schoolwork lately, he has just completed his maths homework for the week (yep on the morning it needs to be handed in!) and he managed to read and answer all the questions by himself. proud Mummy indeed!



So come on, what are you cheery about this week? Last week, albeit at the 11th hour I managed to get round everyone who had linked up – there is one that wouldn’t let me comment from the iPad but I’ll rectify that today! This week I’m aiming to go one better and tweet out the links of all posts too!

Have a great weekend x


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