Skylanders Giants #TeamSkylanders

When J won one of the places in the Tots100 #teamskylanders I think it just about made his year. He had been obsessed with them since having a go at Lollibop and so the chance to receive the game was very exciting.

It’s probably lucky that it didn’t arrive until after he went back to school otherwise I probably wouldn’t have seen him for the duration of the holidays! We received the Skylander Giants starter pack for the XBOX 360, this includes the game, a portal of power and 3 Skylanders, one of which is a giant.

It’s basically a good v evil game with the Skylanders each using their own powers to help defeat various robots/monsters/creatures on the way around many different islands. The whole portal of power is brilliant, you place your Skylander on it and then that is the character you become in the game. The more you play with each the more experience and therefore power you gain, once one runs out of energy you just swap for another and you can continue instantly.

Each Skylander belongs to a particular element – water, fire, air etc and each is stronger in different areas of islands. It soon became clear that to unlock everything in the game you would need characters from each element and so J has formed his shopping list. Top are Giants such as Hot Head but then he also really wants some of the LightCore Skylanders which I think just glow a bit more! No trip to the supermarket is complete without a browse down the game aisle, so far I have only succumbed to purchasing Crusher, and that was with his Christmas money, but I can see he’ll be saving up everything he gets for more characters or some of the accessories he keeps seeing.

J finished the easiest mode of the game in about 3 weeks, each chapter takes between 10 – 25 minutes to complete and there were about 15 chapters in that mode. All he has completed though is the story but he has so much more to go back and collect in each chapter, some of which needs particular elements to complete but other things are just a case of exploring in more detail.

I’m not big on fighting and gun games but I think because you don’t actually fight people and it is all complete fantasy that I don’t mind it, he doesn’t seem to connect bashing a robot into submission with fighting in real life (yet).

He loves this game so much, our walls are now covered in the pictures he has drawn and I have caught him sneaking some into bed with him. Each Skylander has it’s own little phrase that it says when activated and J repeats these throughout the game. If I hear a squeaky “Wrecking ball” once more I might go insane!

Here’s the game in his own words

We received the Starter Pack for the purpose of this review.

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