Now is Good – DVD Review

This is one of those films that should come with a warning, or at least a box of tissues and a bar of chocolate! If you don’t cry at this film you have something wrong with you, and that’s not just me being a girl!

Now Is Good is the story of Tessa a teenager with leukaemia and the final weeks and months of her life – from the painful decision to stop her treatment, the list of things she wants to do and falling in love. Her best friend Zoey adds humour egging her on to do some crazy things – drugs and shoplifting to name a couple. It shows the impact that her illness and her decision to end treatment has on her family, contrasting her over protective father with her less bothered mother.

The film is touching but not in any way corny. It’s not trying to be controversial or patronising to teenagers, it is what it is and I thought the story flowed beautifully up to her final moments. It’s not all doom and gloom though, there are some laugh out loud moments, mainly contributed by her little brother, and I couldn’t help spend a fair amount of time trying to get a good look at her converse as well as wondering at what age teenagers start wearing matching underwear?

It was always going to be a weepy one and it definitely delivered. For those interested in cast members the lead is Dakota Fanning – I knew I recognised her, turns out she was one of the Volturi in the Twilight films. It’s one of those films to watch on a quiet evening, but definitely one to watch.

Warner Brothers sent me the DVD for the purpose of this post.

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