A question of luck?

How superstitious are you? I like to think that I’m not really, I’d walk under a ladder just to prove a point and being that I was born on the 13th I can’t really count that as A bad sign. I do however have some belief in luck, I will always wish others luck that need it and if something has been present during good experiences I will try to keep it.

The orange striped socks I wore when I passed my driving test age 17 stayed with me until I reached 25 (although full of holes), and my disgusting weather worn golf glove that has seen some great rounds remains in my bag.

But do these things really work? Ladbrokes sent us some ‘lucky charms’ so we could check the theory out. J started us off by eating a bowl of sugar-filled Lucky Charms, you know the cereal that’s Magically Delicious! That morning he was heading off to golf lessons and hoping to be able to “hit the ball to America”, where arrived the lesson had been cancelled because of rubbish weather – not a great start!

I also tried eating some lucky chocolate whilst watching the National Lottery draw, I didn’t win anything and felt a little sick afterwards, but only because I ate a few too many!

Finally I got some colleagues to test them out too, we have a couple of people in the office who enjoy a spot of gambling in the form of scratch cards. They regularly buy them at lunchtime and then we listen for the oohs ahhhs and squeals as they scratch them off. This time they held onto a horseshoe pendant whilst a Chinese waving cat looked on, with a grow your own 4 leaf clover nearby. They won…nothing! Obviously I got the blame for that!

So the outcome of my little experiment? Lucky charms don’t bring you extra luck. However they presence of something you deem lucky can bring about a more positive state of mind, making you more successful. When I stand on the golf tee, if I am feeling confident then the chances are I’ll hit a better shot as I’m focused on a positive outcome.

We were sent lucky items for the purpose of this post.

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