McVitie’s Breakfast Porridge Oats Biscuits

Unless it’s a Sunday and I’m off to the local Wetherspoon’s, breakfast for me needs to be easy, quick and if possible portable! J and the puppy take priority in the morning, getting them their breakfasts, walked, dressed and at school is a huge challenge and if I try and eat as well then it all goes to pot! I barely have time to brush my hair and teeth.

Something that I can have when I get to work, without having to pinch the office milk supply gets my vote. I was keen to try McVitie’s new Breakfast Porridge Oats biscuits with red berries. I love porridge but never have time to make it properly, instead I resort to playing porridge roulette in the microwave – you know, trying to leave it to thicken up only to turn away at the split second it bubbles over leaving carnage behind!

The come boxed with 6 individual packets of 4 biscuits and contain porridge oats as well as cranberries and raspberries. At first taste I thought they were a little dry and needed a cup of tea with them, but the following day I was able to eat them on the go and didn’t notice the dryness at all. On speaking to colleagues that regularly have this type of biscuit that seems to be the norm.

4 biscuits contain 229 calories and 1.9g of saturated fat so not going to ruin your day and I felt my hunger was satisfied for the morning and didn’t find myself raiding the office biscuit tin come mid morning. The taste of the berries come through nicely and if anything a few more would be nice.


The box fits perfectly inside my drawers at work so they are always to hand. I think they would work equally as a snack later in the day and are definitely good with a tea or coffee.

I shared some of the boxes around with my colleagues who reported the following:

They are much nicer than the ********** biscuits I usually have. Can I have another box please?

They are NOT dunkers! This after an unfortunate incident that left her work splattered with tea and a mug full of soggy oats! On further investigation they can be dunked just only for about a second.

I’ll definitely be checking out of they have any other flavours and I think they will be a permanent fixture in our office from now on!

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