Harry Potter for Kinect

Got a budding young wizard or witch? If so you need to have a go at Harry Potter for Xbox 360 and Kinect from Warner Brothers. We have loved it!

The game gives you the chance to play out all 7 Harry Potter stories as Harry himself. You are the wizard and take on all the controls using the amazing Kinect technology. From the moment your wand chooses you in Olivander's shop and you cast your first spell you are completely immersed in the magic of it all.

As well as controlling the action with your body, J loved saying the spells aloud to perform them, especially as he has practised the pronunciation of wingardium leviosa like in the films for ages. As you complete each story you mix potions with Snape, learn spells and take part in Quiddich matches, before battling to defeat you know who!

The game is really great fun, and although it won't hold an adults attention for too long J loves it, the chapters aren't too long so it's perfect for him. That is though one of the only downsides for me, it is too short! It doesn't cover enough of the story although what it does cover is done beautifully. The integration of the Kinect controller is brilliant and really helps to bring the character to life. J did try playing the game holding a wand but it wasn't quite the same. Luckily we didn't have a broom laying around or he might have tried riding that around the room too!

It would be even better if there was the option to go exploring around Hogwarts as you can with the Lego game but the prescribed format of this game does work well for the younger players. For a great bit of role play and family fun then you can't go wrong with this game.

We were sent the game for the purpose of this post

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