Reasons to be Cheerful – Week 3

I'm late doing this post for the same reason that I didn't join in last week, I didn't feel I could justify showing happiness. Some people close to me are having a really tough time and I couldn't bring myself to talk about cheerful stuff, but the reality is that stressing on their behalf and worrying about a situation that isn't mine is really getting me down and as much as I want to help, if I don't spend a little time feeling grateful for what I have and appreciating the good things in my life then I think I may go crazy.

Golf – I kicked off what I hope will be a successful year buy collecting 3 awards at presentation evening. To make sure I improve on this I have started having a series of lessons (thank you Father Christmas) to get my game in top shape ready for the new season. I have big expectations for myself this year.

Snow – no I'm not grateful for the snow, it's a pain in the butt however I am grateful that I have a job that can adapt so that I can work from home on occasion. With school closed for 2 days this week I was able to mostly keep on top of things and at least keep my emails at bay. Snow means no golf so I'm hoping it buggers off soon!

Puppy Pie – that's what I nearly made with Obi the other night, when he chewed a big hole in the arm off the settee! However he goes from being so bad to just such a lovely puppy in the blink of an eye that he was easily forgiven (by me at least). He is currently curled up next to me having a cuddle and these are the moments I wanted from having a dog. Love him!

That's me, what's making you smile? Join in with Michelle's linky and spread the happiness.


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