Best Banana Cake – the out-takes!

So you might have just read my banana cake recipe post – if not take a look at my delicious loaf.

This was my biggest baking disaster ever! However it had nothing to do with the recipe itself, just my incompetence, so it didn’t seem fair to put it in that post, and I couldn’t not tell you about it either! If I had just have been making a cake for me I wouldn’t have worried about any of this, however I had been provided with ingredients and needed to do a post on it so I was feeling the pressure a little!

Here is where it all went wrong…

I had the wrong sized loaf tin

Not a massive issue, but it did mean that I had way to much mixture and had to do some very heavy cupcakes with the left-overs.

I misunderstood the meaning of very ripe bananas

Very basic error I know, but for some reason when I saw that written, in my head I read unripe and went and bought some only just yellow bananas. When I realised I thought I’d be clever and ripen them a bit in the oven as it warmed up. This would have been perfect if I hadn’t forgotten about them – resulting in very black (and hot) bananas!

I used my silicone loaf mould. 

This shouldn’t have been a problem, however when I took a look at the cake after about half an hour I realised that it had collapsed on one side and the mixture was spilling out everywhere!

I made a decision that it would be OK, and once it had finished baking and had cooled completely I decided to give it a rather big trim so that it began to look more loaf-like again. We ate the trimmings and they were lush! It needed to be iced so I thought that instead of just icing the top I would do the sides too to cover the mess.

The icing wouldn’t stick!

For some reason the butter icing just wouldn’t stick to the cake, especially the sides that I had cut. Even worse crumbs were now starting to come away and get stuck to the butter icing and it was starting to look more of a mess. I stuck it in the fridge to see if cooling the icing would help.

It worked! I stuck on a load of banana chips and was pretty happy with my finished cover up job! End of story.

Erm …no

I was making the banana loaf to take into work (see I really am nice!), so I stuck it in a tin and headed off to take J to school. Just as I opened the car door the tin went one way, the lid another and the cake landed at my feet!

From within the car a little voice chirped up “Mummy, it’s just like in that song when the meatball rolled off the table and ended up as mush!”. I’m pretty good at swearing silently these days.

My painstakingly iced cake now had a gorgeous gravel crumb for a bit of extra crunch!

Clearly nobody at work was wanting a slice. I brought it back home tonight to chuck, but before that happened it got an inspection from my husband and I had to answer a few questions, before this…

All sides and the base trimmed off – a much smaller cake as a result, but nonetheless bloody good with a cuppa!

I’m submitting this in a bid to be a Morphy Richards Innovator with the Foodies100 and say goodbye to culinary disasters!

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