No Oil – Pan Popped – Popcorn!

I spent a ridiculous amount of time the other day scouring the internet for a way of making oil free popcorn without an air popper. I was beginning to think there wasn’t a way of doing it without a brown paper bag (if you are interested you put the corn in the bag, staple it shut and then put it in the microwave).

Desperate for something to snack on whilst doing Jenny Craig that I thought I would just try doing some myself. I tried:

  • Spraying a little fry-light into the pan and letting it coat the kernels a little – they burnt
  • Microwaving in a massive microwave steamer container – nightmare and had a horrible taste & smell!

In the end I just thought I’d go for popping it in a pan without oil – the first lot had been so badly burnt this couldn’t be worse surely? It worked – perfectly!

So if you are searching for the same thing, here’s what I did:

  • Got a shallow (don’t think this is important & definitely not if you want to make a lot!), heavy based non stick pan, and stuck it on a high heat for a few minutes
  • When really hot, took it off the heat and added 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels – do not underestimate how far a small amount goes!
  • Shook them in the pan so they started to get warm and then put the pan back on a medium heat
  • Added a lid once the first kernel popped – be warned it could go anywhere!
  • Kept shaking the pan as they were all popping to to make sure they didn’t start to burn
  • As soon as the popping had stopped (or become very slow) take off the heat and empty into a bowl – don’t leave them in the pan to cool!
  • Tipped over a bit of cinnamon and some granulated sweetener – only because I’m on a diet, other wise it would have been lovely toppings

That’s it, it worked. As with most things, as soon as you try and overcomplicate it, it all goes wrong. Keep it simple, stupid!


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